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These pictures of Iva Hacker-Delany and her father, Samuel R. Delany, were taken at the Center for 20th Century Studies when her father was a senior fellow at the Center in Milwaukee c. winter 1977. The photographs were taken by Mrs. Reynolds, the wife of the Republican family with whom Delany and his daughter were housed during his term of residency.

     Further lectures took him all around the country and concluded with a term at Cornell University as a Senior Fellow at the Andrew D. White House, during which he lived at Telluride House, where he met Kenneth James, then of Risley College, and David Goldfarb, a Telluride student, who would teach for several years at Barnard College, where he would invite Delany to talk to his classes a number of times.


Cornell University's Telluride House, where Delany lived for a term when he was a fellow at the Andrew D. White House. It was there Delany received his invitation to teach for the second time at SUNY Buffalo. (He occupied the same upstairs green bedroom that Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak had occupied the previous term.)

     Kenneth R. James would contribute an interview to Delany's book, Silent Interviews (1994), write the introduction to his letter collection, 1984, become his literary executor (on the death of Rober Morales [Feb 3, 1958—April 17, 2013]), and go on to edit of Delany's journals. 

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