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Critical Works on Delany


Written by George Edgar Slusser and published in 1977. Delany had no contact with the writer and felt that, of the first handful of books on him, this was the best.


Written by Canadian writer Douglas Barbour (1940–2021) and published in 1979, this was the earliest single-author study of Delany's work.

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Written by Jane Branham Weedman and published in 1982, here is an adequate study of Delany's early fiction by a young academic in Texas


Written by Seth McEvoy and published in 1984, the book's first review was headlined "Subliterate Sludge." Kathleen L. Spencer reviewed it in Science Fiction Studies, pointing out that it contained several interviews with me available nowhere else, but given a book so ineptly written, it was a high price to pay.


Written by Robert Elliot Fox and published in 1987, a study of three black writers.


Edited by James Sallis and published in 1996, there are many overlaps with Sallis's later collection, Ash of Stars.

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Written by Damien Broderick and published in 1995, this was originally written as a dissertation on Samuel R. Delany. When Broderick submitted it to Routledge, they informed him no one would be interested in a single-author study of someone as unknown as Delany and that, if he could expand it to include the entire field, they would reconsider it. All the theory in the book comes from Delany. When the book first appeared, Broderick visited Delany at Delany's 82nd St. flat and mentioned to Delany that, in his mind, The Mad Man, though in a different genre, was the sequel to Stars in My Pocket. Since that time, Delany has been satisfied with that as a reading of the book.


Edited by James Sallis and published in 1996, this anthology has many overlaps with The Review of Contemporary Fiction, which Sallis also edited.

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Written by Jeffrey Allen Tucker and published in 2004, this is the first book-length study of Delany's work, which is marred somewhat by a pre-1968 concept of identity.


Interviewed by Rachel Ghansah and published in 2011. This issue also has an interview with Delany's one-time student, William Gibson.

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